From Crosshaven with Love

June 15, 2012 Cork, Landscape, People

Julie heard of a ‘Vintage Market’ taking place last Sunday just outside Dublin at the ‘village of Lyons’ near Celbridge. Turns out the place is a wonderful spot, even if the vintage market turned out to be more of an antique fair. However, she did manage to pick up a couple of pieces of interest and while thumbing through some old posters and postcards, I found the below.

It’s a postcard from Crosshaven, Co. Cork although I believe it’s been mislabeled. If I recall correctly, Fort Carlisle is across the mouth of the harbour, accessed via Whitegate. The scene pictured on the postcard is of the Fort Camden, which you might recall (as I’ve posted about it a couple of times; Here and here.) was reopened not too long ago thanks to the amazing effort of a group of volunteers.

Better still, on flipping the postcard over I found it was actually sent to someone. I love old photographs, postcards, posters, etc but I always find something lacking when I turn an old post card over to find it was never actually used. Also note the Crosshaven postmark, 4th August 1927. This would have been before the fort was turned over to the Irish government and it’s name changed to Fort Meagher in July 1938.

3 Replies to “From Crosshaven with Love”

  1. That is wonderful. A great find!

  2. Stephen says:

    Oh wow, what an amazing find!

  3. Christina says:

    Love these kind of treasures, a journey to a stranger’s past.

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