Whats This?

This is my photo blog, journal and general creative outlet to the world.

  • I photograph; the evidence is littered throughout this blog.
  • I attempt video; sometimes it doesn’t work out.
  • I homebrew; you’ll find more if you peek at the beer category
  • I motorcycle; That sounds wrong. I ride motorcycles. Mostly one at a time.
  • I write code; Or at least I try to. I code like fingerless people play the piano.
  • I nerd; I am a nerd. In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear.

I tweet (utter nonsense) at http://twitter.com/rymus

I am credited (mostly by myself) as being one of the first (if not the first) photobloggers in Ireland. I started doing this before blogging was a thing. Before Movable Type (google it) came onto the scene and while WordPress was still a twinkling in some developers eye. I chose the hard route, writing ASP & HTML to pull blog posts out of a Microsoft Access database. Not so many photos in those days though. It was too time consuming on to download the jpegs off my Sony Mavica FD88 (yes, I’ve still got it) and upload them to the website on dial up internet. That’s assuming they weren’t already corrupt by the time I got them off the floppy disk. Yes, I’m that old.