Trim Photowalk

April 14, 2011 Event, Landscape, Panasonic LX-3


Last Saturday (although curiously it felt rather like a Sunday) was Trim Castle photowalk. If you remember all the way back to 2010, the first Trim Castle photowalk was in February. This year, to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of our friend and Trim native Danny O’Brien, the walk was held in April. The route was a familiar one, from the grounds of the castle up the river to Newtown Abbey and back. Well, some made it back. Others got mysteriously waylaid in the pub.

I took the opportunity to finish off a roll of ‘free film’ in the A1 and also gave the LX-3 (a Panasonic for those that think I’m talking about Star Wars) a chance to stretch it’s legs after I bounced it along the pavement in Cork some months back. It’s a little bit creaky but it does the job marvelously.

Great to see a lot of the familiar faces again and somewhat confusing to see a lot of new people who’s names I didn’t know. The turn out for the walk was certainly above what I had expected. Roll of sticky labels and a marker the next time. The day was outstanding as far as the weather was concerned, real sitting on damp grass drinking irn bru kind of weather. Great day, apart from the bit where I screwed up my bike. But live and learn I guess. This and more is on Flickr and I’m sure I’ll be posting one or two more from the set over the coming days.

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  1. aafke says:

    Can’t comment on f ˚ ˚ ˚ ˚ ˚ ,but needless to say i love the needles&pins. (hope you don’t mind me asking:is there a special reason not to upload on pixie?)

    • ryan says:

      no reason really, I just tend to use the built in flickr publisher in lightroom and then uploading to pixie afterwards tends to get put to the back burner.

  2. Nice shot of the Yellow Steeple with all the yellow dandelions in the foreground. Glad you enjoyed the day.

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