Trim Photowalk

April 14, 2011 Event, Landscape, Panasonic LX-3

Last Saturday (although curiously it felt rather like a Sunday) was Trim Castle photowalk. If you remember all the way back to 2010, the first Trim Castle photowalk was in February. This year, to mark the one year anniversary of the passing of our friend and Trim native Danny O’Brien, the walk was held in April. The route was a familiar one, from the grounds of the castle up the river to Newtown Abbey and back. Well, some made itRead More

Beyond Porchfield

April 7, 2010 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape, People

After promptly educating us, as he so often would, about why a certain place was called what it was, we strolled on down past Porchfield toward Newtown. The incredibly sad news came earlier this evening that Danny (of passed away earlier today. A man of endless kindness and furious wit, he will be sadly missed by all who ever came into contact with him.

Sheep of the Apocalypse

Distant relative of the swans, here stands the most menacing sheep you’ll ever lay eyes on. Not small, just far away. Menacing all the same though

The Gangs all Here

March 1, 2010 Black and White, Event, Film, People

Brogans, Trim. After the chilly photowalk came a nice hot dinner and a few cold pints. Neopan 1600 pushed to 3200. Came out quite well, apart from the crappy scanning.

Take a Load Off

February 28, 2010 Black and White, Event, Film

Another from Newtown Cemetery in Trim and the first of the film. Took alomst as long to remove the dust from a few shots as it did to scan three 36exp rolls. Should really clean the scanner.

Bective Abbey

February 22, 2010 Black and White, Canon 5D, Landscape

The morning after the night in Brogans and the 9:30am Sunday breakfast. Bective Abbey, near Trim. Only a few braved the hangovers. More importantly though, breakfast at 9:30am on a Sunday? That’s inhumane!!

The Jealous Couples Garden

February 22, 2010 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape

The cemetery at Newtown in Trim where you can be cured of your wartyness. Simply bring a safety pin and deposit at the grave of Sir Lucas Dillion and his wife. I didn’t bring a pin so I can’t test the theory.