The Storehouse Blues

The Storehouse Blues
I waited. Then I waited. And just to be sure I waited some more. Then I went back to waiting. Waiting for all the tourists to stop taking photos of themselves. Waiting for them to finish their conversations and move on. Then two women stepped into the frame. They wanted to move out of it but couldn’t figure out how to. Rabbit in headlights moment. So I included them. Luckily enough, because if I hadn’t chosen to take the photo right when I did, I’d have captured the blur of a tour bus and then a group of about 50 people who also wanted to take photos of themselves.

Just because I can, (and to aid further in getting the word out) another plug for the St. Patricks day festivities. Thanks in no small part to the folks at the Guinness Storehouse and Canon Ireland. Won\’t be long now. Won\’t be long at all. I\’m gonna have to get quicker at my metering and manual focusing before then though :/

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  1. Al says:

    Good stuff, Ryan. 120 border works perfect.

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