Guinness Christmas

December 21, 2010 Dublin

Walking home from work yesterday.

Tumbling in

December 16, 2010 Canon 5D, Dublin, People

Hadn’t been to the storehouse in a while so when we had visitors back in October it was the perfect excuse/opportunity. Yes, I know this photo has been done before too 😉

Way To Work

December 12, 2010 Dublin, Film, Landscape

One of the regular views on my way to and from work. Not so much lately with the ice, snow and darker evenings though.

Out Back

September 30, 2010 Black and White, Dublin, Landscape

Really liking what that heathen app is producing. Mostly.

The Guinness Fire

December 21, 2009 Dublin, Event, Landscape

Earlier today, one of the buildings in the Guinness factory at St. James caught fire while work was being carried out on it’s roof. While at work I got a photo on my phone of the plume of thick black smoke a few hundred yards from where the fire was. This shot was taken later in the evening showing the damage to the building once the fire had been put out.

All Things Still Dublin

Thanks are once again due to the hard working bar staff at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel. Very helpful, friendly bunch of people who kept the beer fuelled mayhem progressing nicely all night long at the web awards last weekend. Looking at a photo taken in the same spot last year, I realise two things. One, the Guinness was significantly better this year (or maybe I\’m just getting used to it) and two, I’m nearly a year living in Dublin.Read More

Well Deserved

July 27, 2009 Canon 5D, Dublin, Event, People

After a good few hours of mad, unchecked creativity, we all needed a pint or three. Chilling out in the Ferryman after the Scott Kelby photowalk in Dublin.

The Black Stuff

In a similar shot posted by a whole load more people that were there on the day, heres a bit of Guinness for ya! Mine took a bit longer to get online due to the whole pesky developing, drying, scanning, processing thing. I\’m sure you understand. Also, feels a little strange that as I’m uploading this, I’m looking out the office window at the building in the picture. Fuhreaky!

Wall of Water

One of the main attractions (as far as I could see and apart from the gravity bar of course) at the Guinness Storehouse. A big mad waterfall, indoors! Long exposuralicious, I think I managed about 8/10 seconds on this one without the guy behind the torrent of water moving very much. Win!

Asylum for Drinkers

Otherwise known as the Guinness Storehouse, but this definitely has a bit of a 1970’s nuthouse feeling to it. Taken during the St. Patricks Day festivities and my first visit to the storehouse. Will go back, hopefully when there are less people around.. If that ever happens!?!

The Storehouse Blues

I waited. Then I waited. And just to be sure I waited some more. Then I went back to waiting. Waiting for all the tourists to stop taking photos of themselves. Waiting for them to finish their conversations and move on. Then two women stepped into the frame. They wanted to move out of it but couldn’t figure out how to. Rabbit in headlights moment. So I included them. Luckily enough, because if I hadn’t chosen to take the photoRead More

Fingers that smell like fixer

Having been after a medium format camera for quite a while, I picked up a Bronica ETRS during the week. Got some film for it at Focus on Imaging last Tuesday, spent the weekend shooting and an hour or two on Sunday afternoon developing. More learning to develop first. Yes, I\’d never developed a roll of film before today. Well, not ‘the old fashioned way’ anyway. I’ve done hundreds of rolls of 35mm using automated mini-labs. Very pleased with theRead More


Taken in some pub off Stephens Green at a ‘photoblogger meetup’ just before the blog awards last year. It’s that time of year again, the time for blog award nomination lists to be announced, for people the length of Ireland to start sprucing up their blogs of all kinds and getting ready for the big night out in Cork next month. More importantly, it’s the time of year when we all ask ourselves, WWMD?

All Things Dublin

October 14, 2008 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin, Event

A pint of Dublin sitting on a bar in a hotel in Dublin. No, the Guinness wasn’t great. It rarely is. Taken after packing up the gear at the first Irish Web Awards, another hugely successful event organised by Damien. Hit a wall of tiredness after not too long and had to retire for the evening. but the night was a huge success. Well done to all those involved. On a somewhat more disturbing note, I’ve grown rather attached toRead More