Fingers that smell like fixer

Fingers that smell like fixer
Having been after a medium format camera for quite a while, I picked up a Bronica ETRS during the week. Got some film for it at Focus on Imaging last Tuesday, spent the weekend shooting and an hour or two on Sunday afternoon developing. More learning to develop first. Yes, I\’d never developed a roll of film before today. Well, not ‘the old fashioned way’ anyway. I’ve done hundreds of rolls of 35mm using automated mini-labs. Very pleased with the results, now I just have to do some high res scans and see what’s what. Oh, and buy more film. Lots more film…

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  1. Al says:


    Delighted to see good results from the new baby!

  2. Lanky says:

    Wow, what a find.. a medium format camera in some leaves. You\'re so lucky!! Lovely images, looking forward to seeing lots more.

  3. Don Mcmahan says:

    i am intrigued by medium format but put off by the film, never be able to afford a digital back…

  4. Simplicius says:

    What Developer did you use with the HP5+ it seems very flat and grey and frankly dull for HP5+. Did you have a yellow filter on the lens, makes a huge difference too

  5. ryan says:

    It was ilfosol I think. I\'m happy anything came out at all really. Haven\'t used film in about 10/11 years, this was my first roll of black & white ever and also the first time I\'ve developed a roll of film myself without the aid of a big automated machine. If you have any tips, please do pass them on!

  6. Markham says:

    What did you scan the prints with, Ryan? Have an old Yashicamat that I have yet to use, no light meter either, but dying to get it out and working.

  7. ryan says:

    these were \'scanned\' by hanging the film in front of a softbox attached to an elinchrom d-lite. Shot them with my 5D. Nowadays I\'m scanning with an Epson V500 though.

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