Sheeps Head

It’s probably as much about the pilgrimage to the end of the world as it is about the photography, but Sheeps Head is one hell of a location. It’s almost always as windy as hell (or as windy as I imagine hell might be on a windy day) down there, soggy or even sinky under foot for at least 30% of the walk and you never really know if one of the animals roaming the headland is going to take an instant dislike to you and formulate some kind of velociraptor styled attack. Having said all that, I wouldn’t change it one bit. If it’s not my favorite location in west Cork for the last few years, it’s certainly in the top three.

As with many of my favorite locations, it did eventually receive the Bronica coverage. PanF+ was the film of choice. This all happened a couple of years ago. Then the film sat on a shelf and greeted the full extent of the morning sun every morning for months. The only reprieve it got was when it was wound clumsily onto a spool, thrust into a tank by a ham-fisted operator (that’ll be me by the way), developed incorrectly (most likely) and hung up to dry in a dusty spare bathroom. So if you see some spots, water marks, hairs and some light leaks in these pictures, you’ll understand how they got there. Having said all that, I still intend on printing at least two of this set. I think it’s got less to do with being happy with the photos because they’re technically good (which they obviously aren’t) and more to do with the location.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I think the ham-fisted operator did a great job! I love the effect on these, it’s like a place that time forgot.

  2. Paul says:

    Definitely Ireland is best for hiking or walking. You can find many beautiful places for walking in Ireland like Dingle Way, Beara Way, Wicklow Way, Kerry Way, Sheep’s Head Way and Burren Way, but my favorite trail for walking in Ireland is Sheep’s Head Way because this is a very beautiful place and this area is the least visited part of Cork, which makes it truly peaceful. Along the walk there are a couple of climbs, but it is primarily a ridge and shoreline route. The land varies widely, making the walk a moderate rating. For more information on Sheep’s Head Way, visit

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