Indoor Park

October 18, 2009 Diana, Film

Indoor Park
So yeah, long story short while we were in New York I cracked and bought a Diana. Then I bought 10 rolls of Velvia. I didn’t use all ten thankfully, but I did nearly get through half of it. Instead of shooting one roll, seeing how it came out (I was initially quite skeptical about the whole Diana thing) I decided to go hell for leather. Win. Developed them tonight and this one (and a few more) have jumped to the front of the now even longer scanning queue. Expect more, when I do eventually go into madcap scanning mode and get through a few rolls.

4 Replies to “Indoor Park”

  1. fabrizio says:

    very nice perspective and colors

  2. like the photo work, great composition and overall colors!

  3. Leanne says:

    fabulous colours and details, the diana rocks, although I\'m yet to get over my love affair with my holga to allow a diana to move in with me.

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