The Office Party

Top of the Rock, September 2009. We were anyway, they were slightly below us. Just after the sun went down over the horizon, this crowd came out to play. Hell of a place for an office party. Hell of a place for a photowalk come to think of it.

Almost Liberty

November 3, 2010 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Landscape

I’d like to get back to NYC for a few days. Maybe Boston for a few days. Just to roam and be free


August 16, 2010 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D

Somewhere in NYC, downtown I think. Going through all the shots from New York that I still haven’t processed, now nearly a year later.

Clipped Wings

June 4, 2010 Canon 5D

As a lover of all things gadgety, I couldn’t resist visiting the Concorde that sits baking in the New York sun. This Concorde is now a very cramped tourist attraction. I never would have realised how small the cabin is/was inside until you have to walk around inside. Not for those with fears of flying or enclosed spaces.

Rust Bucket for Dust Bucket

May 29, 2010 Canon 5D

Taking the opportunity to go back over an entire lightroom catalog after moving it all to the new computer, I realise I\’ve still processed very little of New York in 2009. Need to get moving on that, and well, lots more besides.

Liberty City

May 5, 2010 Canon 5D, Landscape

Been playing a LOT of Grand Theft Auto 4 recently. A lot.


February 28, 2010 Diana, Film, Landscape

Small/Far away. You decide. New York from out on the east river.

The Park

January 9, 2010 Canon 5D, Landscape

And err, everything else. The east river, hudson, harlem and a bit more. Haven’t posted a shot from New York in a while and got a lot more to get through so better start posting a few more now and then.

so far so good

December 6, 2009 Canon 5D, Event, People

On the way back from the park, climbing the steps for the long walk back across the Brooklyn bridge.

West Side Storey

December 6, 2009 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape

An apartment building lit up by the sun. Passed by it while strolling around the west side on a mission of exploration.

Pier 57

Taking to the water in New York City for a cruise around the Statue of Liberty and back. Also, baking in the September sun. Toasty. Thinking of a new year photowalk + pints in Dublin city. If you’re interested, follow me on twitter and we’ll all have a chat about it when the time comes.

Portraits at Time Square

November 21, 2009 Canon 5D, Landscape, People

Camera geekery aplenty. The whole week was one big photowalk with the odd break in between for cupcakes and shopping. The recent wave of people booking long weekends in New York for Christmas (there, I said it) shopping spurred me on to process another of these. Now I just have to get around to the other few hundred.

On Madison heading East

November 16, 2009 Diana, Event, Film, Landscape

What turned into a regular daily walk from the hotel on Madison to breakfast (also on Madison) then to the subway to get to any of our chosen uptown or downtown destinations.

Damn Posers!

November 11, 2009 Canon 5D, Event, People

Gemsbok in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City posing for a photo. No need to ask them to hold still in this case.

Chelsea Hotel

November 2, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

On arriving in the city and settling into the hotel (not this one though), what do you think the first thing we did was? Took a stroll around the streets in the direction of B&H of course…

Indoor Park

October 18, 2009 Diana, Film

So yeah, long story short while we were in New York I cracked and bought a Diana. Then I bought 10 rolls of Velvia. I didn’t use all ten thankfully, but I did nearly get through half of it. Instead of shooting one roll, seeing how it came out (I was initially quite skeptical about the whole Diana thing) I decided to go hell for leather. Win. Developed them tonight and this one (and a few more) have jumped toRead More

Hello down there!

Julie, having deposited her 50¢ into the curiously designed binocular coin box, proceeded to spy on the unsuspecting inhabitants of New York City. The crafty devil…

Old Reliable

October 3, 2009 Canon 5D, Landscape

Parked outside the wool shop that Julie got lost in on Sullivan Street (I think). Don\’t know if it still moves or starts, but it looks like a reliable old crate anyway.

On Another Day

September 23, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event, Landscape

Do any of my visitors watch Rescue Me? It’s been one of my favorite things on TV since it started so it was a bit of a buzz to stand here (this scene is used in the opening credits). It was more about simply standing there than recording it artistically in a photograph…


September 22, 2009 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape, Sigma 12-24

The Rockafeller Plaza, where if you’re not careful while using a fantastically wide lens, you’ll end up getting the buildings behind you in the frame. Or becoming quite dizzy. Or both…