September 5, 2013 Canon 50, Canon 60D, Dublin, Landscape, Macro, People


IMMA is and has always been too damn handy. As I have mentioned before, it literally is the neighbours front garden. If it was any closer I wouldn’t have to put my shoes on to walk over there. Quiet neighbours too, never any trouble from them. They have a couple of wild parties every year and a couple of more sedate ones but I’ve never had to go up there and bang on their door to tell them to keep it down to a dull roar.

Alas but by being too close, they’re all but forgotten. Very often when I’m sitting on the couch with a sunny day outside and little else other than the goings on of the tiny electronic people in my xbox to occupy my mind with, I rarely hit upon the idea of a stroll around the gardens. It only ever seems to happen when I get a new camera or lens and the Botanic Gardens seems just too far away. So, enter the 60D, my latest reason for visiting.


I’ve been on a major photography drought for what seems like a few years now, one of the many cameras in my collection have only really been taken out when holidays are being planned or weekends away in Cork are happening. Even then I only ever seem to take what people would refer to in a derogatory tone as ‘snaps’. The fear of turning into a collector rather than a user hits every time I look at the list of cameras I bought recently but rarely use. In a recent post I may have even told a sorrowful story about blowing dust off my X100.


Poor me, yeah I know. Somewhere a tiny violin is playing. I’ve almost arrived at the conclusion that the prescription is a 9 hour jaunt around west Cork on the motorbike on a particularly sunny summers day. But then that’d solve most of life’s little problems, wouldn’t it?

Of course, there’s plenty of scenery around Dublin too. Well actually no, it’s all in Wicklow, but that’s a minor complication solved by a few too many mind numbing minutes on the M50. Having to sit on the motorway/dual carriageway for any length of time has put a stop to many potentially productive photography outings. Lord how I hate that M50/M11/M7. Well, the M7 a little less because it’s the road to Cork!





I think all thats left to say is “Bye IMMA”.

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