Another from IMMA, this time shot on Ilford PanF+ (5o ISO) to somewhat illustrate the difference between this and the previous shot in SFX 200. Both rolls processed using Rodinal for the recommended time.

I love using PanF+ but at 50 ISO, a tripod is quite often if not always necessary. Again I’m very impressed with how the metered prism did with the exposure and I’ll continue to use it now instead of carrying around the light meter or just guessing at exposure. Knowing that I can get decent exposure now will probably also inspire me to get through some of the remaining Velvia. Shoot it at least. I’m sure it’ll then spend about 12 months sitting on a shelf waiting to be developed. Then another 6-8 months waiting to be scanned. It’s not so much a workflow as it is a workslow. See what I did there?

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