Another part of Holland

Struck me last night while clearing out some old photo sets from Lightroom, I’ve uploaded relatively few photos from various trips to Holland. These are from 2009 and have sat pretty much unseen since I took them. I’ve blogged a couple of them in the past but neglected the rest. Inkeeping with my attempt at uploading sets instead of singles, here’s the full set.


Well, here are a few of them anyway. The rest of them are tucked away in obscurity over on Flickr. I have yet another set of photos from more or less the same area of Holland taken about one year later, mostly on film this time around. Those are still in the works.

I don’t know if anyone finds this thing of posting smaller images linked to outside sources particularly offensive to the senses. I’m sure if anyone has any major issues with it, you’ll let me know in the comments. Trying to get the best of both worlds and mix it up a bit.

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  1. aafke says:

    Just back from that region, love this impresion. Pic on top left is mighty molen.

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