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All Things Cyclical

I can’t remember exactly the exact time it happened or any specific reason but apparently all of a sudden an iphone and …

Tumbling in

Hadn’t been to the storehouse in a while so when we had visitors back in October it was the perfect excuse/opportunity. Yes, …

Way To Work

One of the regular views on my way to and from work. Not so much lately with the ice, snow and darker …

Unexpected Beamish

is unexpected. After being told about a certain pub only 5 minutes walk from my workplace that sells Beamish (or sold it …


An obvious plant in the Botanic Gardens.

Out Back

Really liking what that heathen app is producing. Mostly.

Less chat, more banana

A Red Panda waiting to be handed his breakfast during the early visit to Dublin Zoo on Saturday.

Nobodys Home

It’d been so long since I last used the macro lens, I forgot what it was capable of when focusing manually.


Sculpture in the Botanic Gardens. One of the lesser barmy ones.


From the second Botanic Gardens photowalk that took place earlier today. Weather was quite a bit milder than the previous walk. The …

Just Passing By

The potential buyers and the ‘just passing by’ers at Peoples Photography 2010

Fields of Flowers

Getting ready for the Botanic Gardens photowalk later this month. It’ll be a bit different than the January walk. A few less …

Print Shopping

Choosing a print from the thousands on display over the weekend.

Nom for visitors

Yes, I know, very heavy handed with the processing again. I’m going through another one of those stages of throwing sliders around …


Thanks to all that turned up for the unexpectedly sunny outing to Dublin Zoo today. So sunny in fact that it appears …

Life Size

From a little bit earlier in the year at the Botanic Gardens photowalk. Chubby little fecker.

Darrens Donkey

Neither of these two were going to get much in the way of peace until the perfect angle was found. From the …

Honey, I’m Home

The Airfield Farm Photowalk. Not all landscapes or flowers. Oh no. Speaking of photowalks, get yourself over to and take a …