Flowers Made Easy


The Flowers Made Easy photowalk yesterday in Dublin went off without a hitch, thanks to all the folks at Flowers Made Easy and those at that made the trip possible. To sum it up in as few words as possible, it was like a trip to the Botanic Gardens but without all the required walking. Also, as you may have been tipped off by the photo above, Fran was knocking about with some foam props.


There was also an opportunity to photograph some of the general melee of assorted stuff next door in the warehouse. Good to pick the camera back up after quite a while. First photos of 2011. Now to get out to another photowalk and practice some more.

These and more are available over on Flickr if you want a looksee.

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  1. Nice set Ryan. Haven’t seen anyone else with the shrinkwrapped pallets. They look great, especially in B&W

  2. aafke says:

    Very different #fl※wersmadeeasy #ph☉t☉walkie-set

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