That Lighthouse again.

September 23, 2019 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Landscape, Scotland

More of Neist Point lighthouse on Skye, this time from high above on the cliffs before the long walk downhill to see it up close. Like drinking yourself sober, my procrastination elevated to a sufficiently high level that for a brief moment, it turned into motivation. I assume everyone has photos in their respective queues that have sat for 12+ months, waiting for attention.

This was shot with Julie’s 5D Mark 2 but I find since getting the Fuji X-T3 I’m just as likely to do a RAW to JPEG conversion in the camera, suck a selection of photos down to my phone over WiFi and fire them onto Instagram making only minor tweaks to levels. After the relatively instant gratification of a few likes gained, I put the set of photos completely out of my head. I might see them again when I eventually import the RAWs into Lightroom, but that could be days, weeks or months later. By which time, no matter how good the photo is, I probably won’t be too motivated to do anything with it. As a photo sharing platform, the blog is pretty much dead for me. It exists only as a means to put up a few higher resolution photos and have a whine about why I don’t post more frequently.

Well, that turned from a simple photo of a lighthouse into an existential crisis in record time.

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