Beyond Porchfield

April 7, 2010 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape, People

Beyond Porchfield
After promptly educating us, as he so often would, about why a certain place was called what it was, we strolled on down past Porchfield toward Newtown. The incredibly sad news came earlier this evening that Danny (of passed away earlier today. A man of endless kindness and furious wit, he will be sadly missed by all who ever came into contact with him.

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  1. Gillian McEnteggart says:

    Nicely said Ryan.

  2. I\'m still in shock from the news …

    We\'ll miss him greatly …

    But he also leaves behind him lots of fond memories…

  3. Darren says:

    After a nights sleep I\'m still in shock and disbelief. I\'m so glad I finally got to Trim earlier this year to meet him again. Aren\'t we lucky we have so much to remember him by.

  4. Tommie says:

    I echo all the above and more. Thanks for another fine memory Ryan.

  5. aafke says:

    the porchfield… what a perfect place to remember danny

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