Ross Castle Sunset

Ross Castle Sunset
Walking around the woods at Ross Castle in Killarney while the sun sets behind us. Just starting to get hungry too. Lucky there’s loads of hotels, pubs and restaurants in the town. Lucky also that it’s just before the tourist season. Although, there was one in the bar. How did she stand out? Why she asked for half a pint of Guinness and half a pint of Bulmers. Mixed in the same glass. A grand ol Irish cocktail.

3 Replies to “Ross Castle Sunset”

  1. Al says:

    Waaaaaaait… You left for Kerry on Saturday, ie; yesterday… you shot film… and you have it developed and scanned… Have you set up a darkroom and scanning area in your B&B?? Also, nice photo! :p

  2. lanky says:

    Bulmers and Guinness. I am sick :/

  3. Jo says:

    Aw, you little pair of cuties.

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