December 19, 2012 Black and White, City, X100

After deciding to move on from the now old job and finding something else to do with my weekdays, it was a happy coincidence that after I joined the new company, the Christmas party was taking place two weeks later. In Rome.


So we loaded ourselves up one Friday afternoon and headed off to the airport for a brightly lit and jingle filled 3 hour (and a bit) Ryanair flight to an airport which, surprisingly enough for Ryanair, was not only in the destination country, but was actually about 30/40 mins from the destination city.

We spent much of Saturday roaming around the city, visiting the various sights and immediately recognisable buildings. I felt at a bit of an advantage, having played so much Assassins Creed (it’s a series of video games for those that aren’t into such things) that I felt I already had seen much of the city. Well, seen, ran through, climbed on, performed daring acts of petty crime…

Trevi Fountain

Castel Sant'angelo




Museo da Vinci

Nice city overall. It was great to see the buildings (and eat the pizza) but the general undertone of petty crime, at least in the area our hotel was in, fairly well soiled the weekend stay. In a two night stay, one of our party had his luggage stolen (not from the hotel mind you) and I was pick-pocketed (but thanks to some foul language and threatening gestures, I got my stuff back). If I went back I’d stay in a nicer area. It certainly isn’t on my top ten list of cities to return to however. I most definitely wouldn’t take the bike there either. Possibly the worst driving I’ve ever witnessed. Even coming back to Dublin made the minority of asshole Irish drivers seem sedate and responsible.

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  1. Siobhán says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

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