Paths Uncertain

Paths Uncertain
Walking to the lighthouse at Sheeps Head in West Cork. Stick to the path, you’ll finally get there. Or, stray from the beaten path and find something more exciting. Or maybe you’ll just end up stepping in sheep shit. Sometimes you just have to take the risks to get the rewards.

6 Replies to “Paths Uncertain”

  1. geraldine says:

    that's such a beautiful shot, truly lovely. The colours are wonderful and the lovely delicacy of the background is really good.

  2. Jo says:

    I think it is a lucky man who lives in West cork. Especially if you're actually from there.

    I was going to say person, but it didn't sound as proverbial.

  3. eep says:

    Sometimes the risks cost you a pair of shoes… but it\'s worth it.

  4. Great shot – what\'s the red stripped object on the left – lower left in the grass? any ideas

  5. Ryan says:

    Hi Gillian, I believe it\'s a sign warning of very soft/marshy ground.

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