Much later than everyone else has posted more or less the same shot but give me a break, I only developed the film a couple of days ago and I only got my scanner today! Anyway, enough of the excuses. Taken on the docks in Drogheda, part of the way through a weekend meetup by a few folks. Those folks to be named at a later date. Or, they can leave a comment and save me the bother.. Either way.

5 Replies to “Monahans”

  1. lanky says:

    What ISO was the film Ryan? It has a lovely texture to it and I love the contrast esp. the bricks on the left.

  2. ryan says:

    Louise, it\'s ISO 400

  3. Danny says:

    You asked people to leave \"a comment\" and then you edited it out ;-))):P My humour is too obtuse methinks.

  4. ryan says:

    Ah Danny, I thought that was a mistake 😀 I\'ll edit it back in for ya!

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