From The Burren, last year. Was going to say ‘back when it was sunny and calm’ but I don’t think it’s ever either of those over there. Shot on Ilford PanF 50 with a red filter. Improperly exposed and not a lot done to try and rescue it from that.


  1. Hi Eddie, thanks for the comment. Haven\'t got to use it for the last month or so but very much looking forward to getting it out again. I do have a backlog of dev & scan to do (as bloody always!) but that rarely stops me from shooting more 🙂

  2. I had intended on doing a post on this at some stage. I have a darkbag and I now mostly use a jobo cpe 2 plus for dev\'ing. Only because I tend to do film in batches of 6 rolls nowadays (and that it makes dev\'ing E-6 a hell of a lot easier). I used to use a bog standard inversion tank when I was only doing B&W and do two rolls at a time. I WISH I had a darkroom, I\'d be printing as well as developing if I did! If you want to know anymore, just ask!

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