All that is old is new again

This, like many others, is a post that came out of an extended journey on two wheels. I got thinking about miles covered, places seen and where it all began. It was back in 2002 when I got my second bike, which was also my second that I’d bought from new. Back then I had …


The madding crowd

A little over a week ago, something bright and warm appeared in the Dublin sky. When it didn’t disappear within a few hours/days, people began to accept it as the norm. As usual, this sends people out into the world in droves. Every square inch of beach will be occupied (or used as some kind …



I don’t know if I ever have or ever will be able to drive or ride past windy, high tided Garretstown without stopping to take some photos of wind or kite surfers. Maybe that’s the beginning of OCD. Beginning, yes. A previous trip to Garretstown wasn’t quite so windy but I’m including the photo here …


Blue Moon

Having come to my senses somewhat in the first few days of 2010, I’ve replaced the photoshopped monstrosity with a simple, stupidly tight cropped, over sharpened partial lunar eclipse. Enjoy.

Purple Helmet

February 2004. Got some free tickets to my first bike show. Held at the RDS, it gave me chance to drool over the latest and greatest that I couldn\’t afford and made me realise that even if I diet extensively that I\’ll never properly fit on a Ducati sport bike. That was over 5 years …