Part 5: Leaning Towers and Mountain Goats.

April 9, 2018 Austria, Italy, Landscape, Touring, Travel

I awoke early to a temperature of minus four (centigrade, for my American friends) after a restless night of worrying about my battery and cursing myself for not replacing it before I left. The conclusion I came to last night still held, there was nothing I could do about it now so I’d just have to deal with the outcome. I pulled on suitable dining attire, not bike gear, and went downstairs for breakfast. Again I met the same veryRead More

The Trek back to Ireland

April 10, 2013 France, Italy, Touring, Travel, Video

That would unfortunately make this part three of a European motorcycling trilogy. We were back on the road, heading west toward our next Italian stop not too far from French border; Susa. From what I remember, or rather don’t remember, the road over was pretty uneventful. We had more than our share of motorway miles where the group became disconnected and following anyone was a completely pointless exercise. We had some back roads then some more motorways and well, youRead More

Around Lake Garda

March 21, 2013 Italy, Touring, Travel

“Europe 2012; Part 2” I suppose. Having dropped the bike at the hotel and received the ‘standard Italian warm welcome’, we retreated to the cool shade of our room. Before I go on, (and I may have brought this up in the last part) I’d never been to Italy before now. To be honest, with so much of France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland to see, I wasn’t really too bothered. Mostly due to (some of) the people. Call me aRead More