Canon 50

Bel. No.6.

July 18, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Event

Devils in the details of the doors in Dordrecht. A deliberate decision to deliver a dinging and donging depiction. No, not the start of the silly season just yet, don’t all rush out and buy brightly coloured hats and transparent ponchos. Why brightly coloured hats and transparent ponchos? Because I can clearly see your nuts.


Powerscourt house, just off the N11 at Enniskerry in Wicklow. A nice spot for a Sunday (or Saturday in this case) stroll. Nice too are the sweet shops inside the house. Possibly nicest of all is when you get back to the car and get to munch on your purchases! Incidentally, we’re off to Holland for a few days so posting is going to be extra light. But expect lots of windmills n’ stuff on Tuesday or Wednesday!

P&O Lloyd

July 6, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Wicklow

Quite an old bus, imported from across the murky sea, lying idle in a yard at Powerscourt. Possibly something to do with the big “Set” sign that was pointing down a tree lined driveway. Wonder what they were filming there?

Blowing off the cobwebs

July 5, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Wicklow

A few highly enjoyable hours spent (not only because it’s the first time in several weeks that I’ve picked up the camera) in a well traveled spot in near Bray. Also, as it happens, near Enniskerry and not too far from a waterfall. Answers on a postcard please…

Cycle to School

Some of the many, many, many many many bikes littered around the grounds of Trinity College. Some appear in active use while others… well, not so much.


June 29, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Event

Exploring where an alley went at the pre-blog awards 2009 meetup in Cork. So much of Cork still unexplored. Now that going there is a holiday, maybe I’ll get a bit more of that elusive exploration done?


June 24, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Event, People

Crossing the Shandon footbridge during the blog awards 2009 photo walk.

I [heart] Velvia

June 11, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Landscape

Spending a few days around Cork & Kerry shooting a mixture of Velvia, Neopan and PanF. After (very successfully) developing three rolls of Velvia so far, I have to say that I’m in love. It’s a pain to develop but it’s just too worth it. This is the top of the hill at Barley Lake between Kenmare & Bantry. The lake is behind me somewhere. Must dev those last three rolls soon.

Light & Treesy

June 10, 2009 Canon 50, Cork, Event

The Grand Parade in Cork. Lights that have been there for a while now, just starting to blend in with the surroundings. Until of course, they turn on. Jesus I’d love a cheese & onion pie from Lennox’s right about now.

Abandoned Picnic

June 8, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Macro

In a similar vein to what Donncha posted a few days ago, Fountainstown beach isn’t a million miles away from Myrtleville. Although, in fairness, it is a hell of a lot cleaner. It’s (more or less) the next beach across as you’re walking around the rocky coastline and never fails to present some interesting titbit of thoughtlessly discarded waste on any visit to the spot. Also shot with Al’s lensbaby.

Lovely Lazy Sundays

June 7, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin

Having had a walk around Blackrock Market and seeing a man (who likes his disco music) about some badges, we took a break from the hard work in Starbucks to enjoy some coffee and as it happens, polaroids. As usual, I opted for the very large mocha. Mmm, Sundays…

Among The Trees

May 25, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Macro

One of my favourite parts of the whole ‘Gougane Barra’ experience. This is the forest, not too far from the car park. There’s something about the trees there that even when it’s heaving with the tourist masses during the summer months, it has an odd kind of calm about it. Maybe it’s the goblins and such?

Table Dressing

May 24, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Macro

Everything around the shop in Donadea park seems very well presented. Or at least as well presented as you can get when in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere. Flowers all over, including on the picnic tables.

Out for a Stroll

Strolling, just like we were, on the rocky beach next to the train tracks. Not many kids out building sandcastles today. Well, not much sand to build them in either. I’m sure you could have fashioned an impressive rock castle though. Hmm, might have to try that one out.


March 16, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin, Landscape

Lights in the sky (but probably not aliens) on the way back from Spheres at the docklands on Friday night. Think they’ve got something to do with the goings on in Merrion Square.


March 14, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin, Event, People

Spheres, part of the St. Patricks Festival, at the docklands last night in Dublin. Slight technical hitch during the show (and a little sprinkling of light rain) but a worthwhile luas trip. Roll on the parade on Tuesday!

Tell Me All Your Secrets

March 4, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Event

Confession, St. Peters Church, Drogheda. Nobody around to hear it though so continued on. One from the meetup of a few fine folks over the weekend. We couldn’t resist going into this church, possibly only after being told that there is a rather old head on display inside. True enough, it wasn’t just a tourist trap ploy to get us inside for a prayer or two.


March 2, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Event, Macro

Strolling down around the Cornmarket Street area before the blog awards. Was that last month already? Wow. Well, I suppose we\’re only just into March so it’s not that bad. It was nice being in the city and seeing things I’d never seen before. Or not paid enough attention to because I’d spent much of my life so far walking so near to. One thing that wasn’t so nice to see is the big glass fronted monstrosity that’s been builtRead More

Sobering up in Gougane

February 25, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Event, Landscape

This is the one where I thank everyone for the kind words, where I thank for sponsoring, thank Damien for organising yet another amazing blog awards, thank all that it is that inspired me (good and bad) to take the photos that you see on this blog and thank God that after 3 years, I finally won the damn thing!


February 20, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin, Event, People

Soundcheck at Spy last night. Some very cool music (although still not too sure about the Rolf Harris) and cake. Yes, cake. May just have to go back. Similarly to everyone else that’s getting ready to pack up and hit the road, we’re heading Leeside for a long weekends blog awarding and catching up with folks. See whoever’s going at the awards tomorrow night!