Sobering up in Gougane

February 25, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Cork, Event, Landscape

Sobering up in Gougane
This is the one where I thank everyone for the kind words, where I thank for sponsoring, thank Damien for organising yet another amazing blog awards, thank all that it is that inspired me (good and bad) to take the photos that you see on this blog and thank God that after 3 years, I finally won the damn thing!

7 Replies to “Sobering up in Gougane”

  1. lanky says:

    So you found your award in a bush?

  2. ryan says:

    Sssh. don\'t tell anyone that I didn\'t actually win it. Shur that\'s not even a real award, I photoshopped that in.

  3. caitriona says:

    lol. congrats! and about bloody time 😉

  4. Gavin says:

    Congratulations Ryan!

  5. Wow! Great shot, very creative.

  6. Kate says:

    Congratulations – well deserved

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