Break out the Stout

April 12, 2013 Beer, Homebrew

After my first ever abandoned brew day the previous weekend (I had a cold and it was too windy for the propane burner to stay lit) I resolved to do whatever it took to get a brew on the following weekend. Which was last weekend. The cold had subsided somewhat and although the weather was still cold and windy, I made a go of it. See previous posts where I muse on the life of an outdoor brewer. I wasRead More

Brew Day

March 4, 2013 Beer, Homebrew, People, Video

Brew Day on Vimeo. I think I can call this the first brew day of 2013, given that my last brew day was New Years Eve 2012. I decided to try a bit of time lapse video with this one. Nothing too well planned as you can probably tell. Just stuck up a few cameras and took it as an experiment to see what I came up with. As you’ll notice from my furious re-positioning of cameras and tripods, I also shot someRead More

Build me a Beer Cooler (Part 1)

February 26, 2013 Beer, Homebrew

Kegerator – noun (keg-er-a-tor) 1. A device which was one a common refrigerator  but is now something entirely different and wonderful. 2. A place to cool kegs of beer in order to serve them (to yourself) Right after I made the decision to get in on the beer keg bulk buy (corny kegs for anyone that wants specifics), I began to think about a kegerator. After all, if you’ve got close to 20 liters of beer in a keg, you’reRead More

Happy New Beer

January 1, 2013 Beer, City, Dublin, Homebrew, Macro

I thought a little ‘year in brewing’ review was probably called for as the end of 2012 will mark my first year as a home brewer. If at the same time it serves to give a few of those currently on the fence about taking up the hobby a bit of a kick in the right direction, all the better. As I said, I started brewing at the start of 2012 after humming and hawing about it (as usual) forRead More

Hobbies and Hiatuses

March 8, 2012 Beer, Canon 5D

Or “a not so brief description of what I’ve been up to” possibly. Buying and drinking beer apparently. I have also been making it though. This was the fridge a couple of weeks ago after a particularly interesting visit to Sainsbury’s outside Belfast. I’ve tasted about half so far and there’s only one I took an instant dislike to. Yes, it was the Badger. I also took the opportunity to further my home brewing exercise with the purchase of aRead More