All Good Things

The marina area in Cork has long been a favourite destination of mine for photographing general grime and grunge that everything down there is covered in thick layers of. So I was a little disappointed but not entirely surprised today to read that a developer is looking to spend upward of €350m to restore/rebuild/rejuvenate the Odlums building into a now pretty standard mix of offices, apartments, shops, and so on. Part of this would also be to tear down the R&H Hall buildings. Given the slow roll of progress down the quays, it’s not too shocking that this area would be next. But I’ll be more than a bit sad to see it go.

As part of my recent “shoot everything in black & white” mood, I took a walk down there one Saturday afternoon to capture some of that wonderful grime. A walk that turned into a larger stroll around The Atlantic Pond and Monahan road, fuelled mostly by coffee and cake from the marina market.

Given the news today however, I imagine I’ll be spending a few more afternoons in the area with a variety of cameras.

Much like most of my recent stuff, these were also shot with the Canon FD 50 f1.8 on the Fuji X-T3. Long live the grime!

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