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June 12, 2009 Canon 30D, Event, Sigma 30

The News Today
Many many moons ago, when staying in Montreal. Always been housed by Caroline without so much as a grumble or an eye rolled. I’m not the easiest person to invite into your home for weeks on end, but she’s always done so with a smile. Very grateful for that. Very very grateful. Montreal is fantastic. Only ever gone there in winter when it’s covered in a thick layer of snow and ice (and around minus thirty degrees Celsius). I’m due a trip back over there in the coming years during the summer, just to see if the place is as green as I’m told. Although I would like to get another bit of snowboarding in. Seems a waste to go there when it’s warmer now that I’ve bought all that expensive cold weather clothing. Also Quebec city. Need to get back there. Need to brush up on my French first though. Bleh, I need a holiday!

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  1. lanky says:

    I wanted to see what happened the prostitute…

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