Way To Work

December 12, 2010 Dublin, Film, Landscape

One of the regular views on my way to and from work. Not so much lately with the ice, snow and darker evenings though.

Crow Street

May 3, 2010 Black and White, Dublin

Walking toward South William Street, passing the top of Crow Street I saw the back of this car. Yes please.

On Madison heading East

November 16, 2009 Diana, Event, Film, Landscape

What turned into a regular daily walk from the hotel on Madison to breakfast (also on Madison) then to the subway to get to any of our chosen uptown or downtown destinations.

The Status

July 24, 2009 Canon 5D, Dublin, Event

Spotted this and amused myself with how much it looked like a status bar when viewed at the correct angle. Or… maybe not.

It’s raining John…

July 21, 2009 Canon 5D, Dublin, Event

Trying to drive the poor man crazy at the seemingly poor start of the Scott Kelby Photowalk. He wasn’t having any of it. Also, if you’ve never seen two dozen people photographing a tram before, I heartily recommend it. Very entertaining.


James’ street, just before it turns into Thomas street. What in previous years would have been your last chance to buy flowers of sweets for a friend or relative in St. James Hospital up the road. Nowadays, you can choose from any one of 45,000 spar or Centra shops in the immediate area.

Tara Street

Tara street dart station, where the first(?) film meet started. A wide and varied selection of cameras (mostly of the cheap & plasticy variety) came out to play and by all accounts, a great day was had. As I processed and scanned these yesterday, I did notice a weak whimper from my camera bag. On further investigation it appeared that my 5D has all but given up hope of ever seeing the light of day again. Poor little bugger.

Streets paved with…

Just outside Dublin castle during the meetup a couple of weeks ago. Have been very much living an off-line existence the last few days, back from a couple of days in London and another chance to fly with the “we’re as pleasant as we’re going to get, ALRIGHT?” Aer Lingus.

Stairway to India Street

Perhaps the most fascinating alleyway I’ve ever seen. It was like a labyrinth of perpendicular stairways and doorways. This was taken shortly after discovering a little goldmine of pubs, restaurants, take aways and other goodies right down the street from the hotel. This time I was a tourist.. Obviously!