Less chat, more banana

September 26, 2010 Canon 5D, Dublin, Event

A Red Panda waiting to be handed his breakfast during the early visit to Dublin Zoo on Saturday.

Redbrick Garage

October 29, 2009 Canon 5D

Just down the road from where we stayed in Bleskensgraaf back in July of this year. The place is a photobook waiting to happen…

Splash of Red

More Velvia, this time from the Howth film meetup that took place a long, long time ago. Very little processing to be done on this one thankfully, just a few spots of dust and the odd tiny hair. Need a clean place to dry my negs!

Sytner Mini

July 19, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Dublin, Event

Near ‘no photograhers land’ at the back of Connolly station during the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk. A lovely red freshly rained on mini.

P&O Lloyd

July 6, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Wicklow

Quite an old bus, imported from across the murky sea, lying idle in a yard at Powerscourt. Possibly something to do with the big “Set” sign that was pointing down a tree lined driveway. Wonder what they were filming there?

Up The Walls

February 18, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Dublin, Macro

Climbing the walls before the blog awards in Dublin last year. Then, not so much. Mmmm, pints.


February 3, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Macro, Wicklow

Under lock and key at Kilmacurragh in Wicklow. So much more interesting than your average padlock!

A Walk By The Sea

January 14, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, People, Wicklow

Following forests gardens and I can’t remember what else, I needed to get back to the beach. Fully intend on visiting one specific beach on travelling back down to Cork for the Blog Awards next month. Mmmmmmm beach rubbish….

No Ferries Today

November 21, 2008 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Galway, Macro

Back to Inishmore for one. On a cycle around (part of) the island, we came across this dock area for fishing boats. Who can resist fishing nets and piles of worn rope? Not me anyway. Taken back in August. Seems like so much has happened since then. Well, so much has happened since then!

Square One

April 15, 2008 Canon 5D, Cork, Macro, Sigma 150 Macro

Back to square one I guess. Version two of Glassey Alley. Another new beginning and a little bit of a re-birth. Here goes nothing…