O’Brien on High

O\'Brien on High
So it was heard; Or rather overheard at these very cliffs that this tower (O’Brien’s Tower) is in fact the highest point in the world! THE WORLD! Where, you may rightly ask, did this groundbreaking nugget of information come from? Why, from middle-aged American tourists of course. I never knew that before. Someone better tell all those fools that climbed Everest that they should have been on the west coast of Ireland instead. So I’ve been aching to get more black & white stuff up here, inspired in no small way by Tommie who’s been posting the most amazing B&W’s lately. Need to look through and develop more of the stack of PanF.

Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay
Where I was going to go today but ended up drinking beer & watching TV instead. A lovely relaxing Sunday; I was due one. This is your bog standard landscape really, I just thought it was particularly postable right about now given that the weather doesn’t really know what it’s doing from one day/hour to the next. Now, there’s a bottle of Hoegaarden in the fridge with my name on it. I’ll be off.

Actually, Donncha is organising another photowalk. This time it\’s a bit further out in Doneraile park in north Cork. Details are on his blog. I’ll definately be getting to this one!