The Other Stairs

You’ve already seen the ‘famous’ stairs of Charleville Castle. Here’s the other one. Taken during the visit last year.

Fixtures and Fittings

February 25, 2010 Black and White, Bronica ETRS, Event, Film

Making my way downstairs from yesterdays shot. There’s something about this area of the castle that both the Bronica and the panf really, really liked.

Top Floor

February 24, 2010 Black and White, Bronica ETRS, Event, Film

Finally developed and scanned a couple of rolls of PanF 50 from Charleville last year. Wouldn’t ya know it, grabbed the Bronica, stuck it on the tripod and headed straight for the stairs. Predictable or what?


August 19, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Reading a little bit too much into that very entertaining bonfire on the grounds of Charleville castle during the meetup a couple of weeks ago.


August 10, 2009 Canon 5D, Event

Back from yet another fun packed (a little too fun packed) weekend at Charleville castle. Taken with a recently made pinhole lens (i.e. a body cap with a hole in it). I’m quite pleasantly surprised at how they came out. Wasn’t expecting such positive results. It does prove how much I need to clean my 5D’s sensor though…

Back To Those Stairs

August 8, 2009 Black and White, Canon 5D, Event

About a year ago, a crowd went to Charleville castle in Tullamore. Most (or all) of them spent a great deal of time right here, on these stairs. No doubt it’ll be the same this year. Or, this weekend to be more precise. This time I’m going armed with a lot of black & white film…

All Terrain

February 17, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Lonesome tyre, went off-road all by itself. No driver to guide it, it quickly lost it’s bearings and could not find it’s way out of the forest. Approach with caution, it’s off it’s rim…

The Stables

February 2, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

The decaying stables at Charleville Castle in Tullamore Co. Offaly. Taken during the now annual meetup in 2008

Light Entertainment

A lighting tutorial session that quickly turned into a disorganised messing session at Charleville Castle in Tullamore during the trip last year. Posting has been light due to lack of broadband (being sorted) and lack of photos (lack of broadband is killing motivation to process). Will have to get to a beach this weekend for some inspiration. As you may or may not have seen, nominations for the Irish Blog Awards are being taken until the 14th. I’m notRead More

Ladder Cat is Watching You

December 10, 2008 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Caught while strolling around the outside of the castle at the now annual photography forum Charleville meetup. Don’t forget, ladder cat is always watching!

Old Boney

October 28, 2008 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Dressed to kill and resting calmly in the library in Charleville Castle. It’s the little things in life…

Those Stairs

October 24, 2008 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Possibly one of the most photographed staircases in all of Ireland, the slightly rickety and massively eerie stairs at Charleville Castle in Tullamore. Many have photographed this before, most with amazing results.