Maiden Voyage

March 17, 2012 Video, Wicklow

If you cast your mind back to this and lived to see the other side of it, you’ll understand why I recently bought a couple of Drift Stealth cameras to make the filming process a little easier and a lot less stomach churning. The above was the maiden voyage and very much a learning exercise. I need to see what the hardware can do, what it can’t do and what I shouldn’t make it try to do before the ‘bigRead More

Shakycam is Go!

June 17, 2011 Landscape, Panasonic LX-3, UK, Video

What was intended to be a mostly entertaining way for me to record and review my very limited off-road jaunts while in the UK in April has turned into a public service video on the effects of motion sickness and a case study on why people buy those expensive little helmet cameras. While I wasn’t expecting Steven Spielberg results, I imagined in what I now know was supreme, unwavering naivety that I might get something other than a dodgy lateRead More

Half way to Silver

After I bought the bike back in January, I began hearing about an event called “Photo Rally” on a few of the bike forums. The idea behind it is simple, there are 24 locations throughout the island of Ireland and you need to travel to as many as possible to earn a bronze, silver or gold award at the end of the year. It’s not a recent idea either. It began way back in 1975 with a Limerick man. PhotographingRead More

Alternative Transport

September 28, 2010 Black and White, Canon 5D, Holland

Dordrecht, over a year ago. Time for another holiday I think.

The Bubblegum Run

September 8, 2009 Dublin, Event, People

July 2004. Before taking the bus sized bike on the voyage to France, I hit upon the Bubblegum Run. It’s an annual event in Dublin’s biker calendar that (if I remember correctly as it was some years ago) starts at Mansion house in the city centre and makes it’s way out to Mondello park in Kildare. This was the first year I’d done it but with any bit of luck, it won’t be the last.

Cycle to School

Some of the many, many, many many many bikes littered around the grounds of Trinity College. Some appear in active use while others… well, not so much.