Rooftops and Mountaintops

Rooftops and Mountaintops
Taken from somewhere near the top of the Sir Walter Scott Monument (which was stupidly difficult for me to get to the top of), this is.. well, Edinburgh. Posting is going to be light for the weekend. Think light like non-existent. That kind of light. I’m off up north-west to do ‘the vimto run’. This basically involved getting in the car, driving from Sligo to Enniskillen and popping into Asda for an unhealthy amount of Vimto. Mmmmmmmhmmmm!

3 Replies to “Rooftops and Mountaintops”

  1. Very nice. Such a clutter of buildings. Well worth the hike up that hill IMO!

  2. iced coffee says:

    This is why I'm looking forward to going to edinburgh in august. such great light in this photo.

  3. Sensualist says:

    This is astounding! What an incredible view.

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