Pier Steps

Pier Steps
Steps on the pier in Bray, Co. Wicklow. It’s easily been about 4/5 years since I was last in Bray and this time only decided to go there after a quite lost drive around Dalkey and Killiney. It was bloody cold and bloody windy, but I had to get the beach fix I’ve been after for quite a while. The coldness of the wind was soon forgotten after a nice hot chocolate from the happy pear in Greystones though!


  1. Well, this is an amusingly gritty photo. Amusing for me, that is, because I recognised it instantly! Which is sort of depressing, because while it makes for a dramatic photo, thegrittiness could also be described as mankiness, really, couldn\'t it. Did you like the beach? When I was a kid, those stones weren\'t there, and there used to be a ten foot drop from the railings to the beach below!

  2. Bray Head makes up for it. Walking up the promenade is good. Specially in the evening.

    And. There seems to be a gelateria there opposite the aquarioum,if it\'s still there this summer. Gelato!!

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