Now it’s Christmas.

December 24, 2012 Dublin, Macro

A quick Christmassy post before the annual pilgrimage to the rebel county for for festivities. About this time of year, wonderful things start happening. Possibly the most wonderful of all is when Julie announces that it’s time for some experimental gingerbread baking. This year, I took it as an opportunity to skulk about so I could both test my new camera and so that I could possibly munch on the rejects of the experimental gingerbread baking process. But first, the tree.

Preparations began quickly. Plans were drawn up for front elevations, load bearing struts, supportive platforms and most importantly of all in the construction process, a couple of squirrels and rabbits.


Following the baking there is of course the construction and decoration. I have some video of this too, just haven’t done anything with it yet.


Finally, the anxious moments while I work out what I can eat that won’t get me into trouble. The answer of course is ‘nothing’ but I’m hoping the tupperware box of biscuits is going to make the journey to Cork with us.


A quick note on the camera; I bought a now discontinued Sony NEX 5N as for some time, I imagined it would be a good second camera to have around with me when I’m using the X100. I was after one for quite some time and now that there are good discounts to be had (as it’s been replaced by a newer model) I thought I’d have one for an early birthday present to myself. So far I’m pleasantly surprised by the startup speed, the lack of shutter lag and the autofocus speed from the more than acceptable 18-55 kit lens. Time was against me before Christmas to pick up an E mount to FD mount adapter but I’m looking forward to getting the FD 50 f1.8 and the 135 f2 on there in the new year.

So all that’s left for me to say is to wish you all a very happy Christmas and in the quite likely event that I don’t post anything new before the end of 2012, a very happy new year too.

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