Lie Down

Lie Down
Get comfortable. Don’t worry, the train will be here soon.

Best viewed dark. Very very dark.

3 Replies to “Lie Down”

  1. Sensualist says:

    This is an incredible photo. I love the texture and feel. But it almost lifts off of the canvas. I am glad you noted that it looks best viewed under dark circumstances. Very well done.

  2. Very artistic angle, and the slightly toned (?) b+w works superbly well here.

  3. Jo says:

    I love the shiny. It makes me think of picking up amythysts on Achill Island. Have you been to Achill? You'd love it, it looks like your photos already. Snowcapped peaks and bog and sunshine. Purple stones lying on the hillside. The ruined village. Lots to photograph!

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