Gougane Barra

February 20, 2023 Cork, Fuji 16-80 ƒ4, Fuji X-H2, Landscape

I’m limiting myself to one photo in this post, mostly because it’s all the only photo from this set that I’ve put any thought into. As usual, I’m posting it here because it feels I need to do it more justice than a simple Instagram post that’ll be viewed at the size of a stamp. So, just the usual rant. It was taken with the new Fuji X-H2 which despite offering quite a different usage experience than the X-T3 it replaced, is no less of a joy to use. Typically Fuji, the files that come out of it are nothing short of amazing. Huge, but amazing.

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  1. Donncha says:

    That’s lovely! Was down there only a week ago for the sunrise, but clouds spoiled the morning. Got a few nice shots of the sunlit hills though. 🙂

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