Fota Gardens

April 29, 2013 Cork, Macro

I thought “I’ll post some photos of a recent trip to Fota Gardens, then link back to previous visits” but I can’t find any previous visits. Well, there’s one, but I would have imagined there should be far more than that on here. Maybe I’ve just been very selective about posting photos of the gardens on here. Yes, selective. That’s the word. Not lazy. Never lazy.

The car park at Fota, which I always kind of appreciated for it’s rough & ready feel, has been dragged into the age of health and safety. Gone are the pot holes, the tree branches that would poke you in the head as you fumbled around in your pockets for your car keys and the giant gaping muddy puddles that’d fill your shoes as you stepped out of the car. It’s a grand tarmacadam affair now, with an access road that leads right down to another well manicured car park only a swung cats distance from Fota House itself. Convenient but I’m still not sure about it. Probably mostly because I fear change.


Taking advantage of sunny days, as one must when they rarely occur, we took a drive to Fota during a weekend trip to Cork. Fota Gardens is one of those places that rarely disappoints. A trip to Fota (either the gardens or the wildlife park) has to meet some strict criteria before it’s counted as a write off. Two main headings are ‘full of noisy tourists’ and ‘full of noisy children’. Thankfully on this day it was neither of the above.


As you might expect, the gardens were still very much in a state of reawakening when we visited, thank the long winter for that I suppose.





Nowt more to say on the matter, just looking forward to a long weekend in Cork.

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