August 8, 2011 Kildare, Landscape, People, X100

As if an excuse was needed to bring the bike out for a spin on a somewhat pleasant Sunday, we ended up at Donadea forest, as did much of the rest of Kildare as it turned out. No sooner had we walked into the park than I was bitten by something very large and orange coloured yet even fearing an almost certain agonising death I soldiered on to put some 1’s and 0’s on the memory card. It turned out to be a lovely day down there and the threat of rain was just that and nothing more. Of course, every time you go to the woods, a wood elf jumps into the frame and completely throws off your auto focus. Inevitable.

X100 use update for anyone that’s interested; I’ve forgotten where my 5D is…

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  1. aafke says:

    love the steel stalactites and stalagmites.
    and the light on the wood elfs hair

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