Circling the Drain

October 17, 2021 Cork, Fuji X-T3, Landscape

A little bit of a spur of the moment walk by the sea with the camera in early August. This location blends together two of my favourite things; The sea and industrial grime.

It also works out quite well for my general sense of laziness, not being that far from home. This feels a little bit like the last post, somewhat of a stream of consciousness except in photos instead of words this time around.

As I’m posting again so soon after the last one, I’m pleased to confirm that I did indeed sort my process out as it relates to all things Lightroom and the ability to import, process, export, and post to various platforms while being wherever I am with a usable wifi connection.

The way I ended up going is as I was getting at in that post. Lightroom CC with 1TB storage and generally losing my fear of uploading multiple GB of RAW files to the cloud. Maybe it’s just the upgraded internet connection at home, but the RAWs from the Fuji X-T3 really don’t take that long to upload. It’s also quite nice to have the originals online so whatever platform I’m editing or exporting on (phone, tablet, laptop), there’s no messing about with previews or needing to go back to the desktop PC to sync changes to the RAW file and export in the best possible quality.

I’d go as far as to create another post detailing what I do, but it really isn’t that complicated or in any way out of the ordinary so I’d most certainly be skirting the territory of mind-numbing obviousness. If mind-numbing obviousness is your thing, let me know and I’ll put something together.

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