An enjoyable afternoon spent at the Botanic Gardens in Dublin. Simon made the mistake of ‘loaning’ me his Canon 24mm f3.5L tilt shift lens. I very much doubt he’ll be getting it back. It’s my first attempt at anything tilty, having become an expert in all things slightly shifty some years ago. It’s a new experience… But then, lots of things are proving to be new experiences these days. Hmmm..

3 Replies to “Botanics”

  1. fragileheart says:

    *sigh* I feel like such a bad friend. I can\'t believe I haven\'t been here to visit in ages. I love your tilty stuff. Almost as much as I like your shifty stuff.

    Serial has be curious though.

  2. Westy says:

    wonderfull blur i assume that was post-production doo chek out my images.

  3. ryan says:

    Nope, the blur is down to the tilt-shift lens I was using at the time. No post-production blurring involved! 😀

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