February 2, 2010 Canon 5D, Dublin, People

After posting shots from the official opening day of Third Floor Espresso a few days back, Colin expressed an interested in getting a few more done. Just sometimes, this whole photography lark pays dividends! Incidentally, I now realise this is how I wish to spend all my future lunchtimes. Shooting and drinking amazing coffee. Niche in the market?

4 Replies to “3FE”

  1. aafke says:

    heartfelt compliments on coffee shot(s)

  2. Tommie says:

    So, you\'re a commercial photographer now!.
    Like it 🙂

  3. Ryan says:

    Thanks to both of you. Ah Tommie, I\'ve always done a bit here and there 😉

  4. Clare says:

    Great shot…. and the coffee looks absolutely divine! You have a knack for this commercial photography malarky 🙂

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