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Proof that yes, I did take some photos at the Irish Blog Awards 2011 photowalk in Belfast. Also proof that yes, I’ve …

Liberty City

Been playing a LOT of Grand Theft Auto 4 recently. A lot.


Small/Far away. You decide. New York from out on the east river.

West Side Storey

An apartment building lit up by the sun. Passed by it while strolling around the west side on a mission of exploration.


Time for one form the home town! Easily my favorite building on the docks in Cork. Rarely seen like this, there are …

Hello down there!

Julie, having deposited her 50¢ into the curiously designed binocular coin box, proceeded to spy on the unsuspecting inhabitants of New York …


The Rockafeller Plaza, where if you’re not careful while using a fantastically wide lens, you’ll end up getting the buildings behind you …

Corner Shop

What, on further investigation, appeared to be a newsagent of sorts. Could’ve fooled me…


A monolith, if not for the windows, in the middle of Dublin city. Somebody got creative with the windows but decided to …