On Reflection

Walking back from the official end of the photo taking at the Scott Kelby photowalk in Dublin. Walking back to the pub that is. Reflected in the glass of one of the possibly under construction buildings.

Life at the Dock

A high rise apartment block on the other side of the water at grand canal dock in Dublin. Only been down to this area a few times but it seems like it’d be a nice (if expensive) place to live.

440 on the town

Possibly Julie’s first outing with the Polaroid 440 that some genius got her for her birthday. Some king among men. May all the Gods bless him, wherever he is… (also, just loving that 135 f2L)

420 SL

The backend of an especially attractive Mercedes Benz parked near Windmill Lane. Parked next to a fairly run of the mill Ford Fiesta. Not pictured; The Fiesta.

It’s raining John…

Trying to drive the poor man crazy at the seemingly poor start of the Scott Kelby Photowalk. He wasn’t having any of it. Also, if you’ve never seen two dozen people photographing a tram before, I heartily recommend it. Very entertaining.