And the winner is…

October 11, 2009 Canon 30D, Dublin, Event, People

As I’m currently processing shots from last nights Web Awards, I thought I’d throw up a quick taste. This is Rick performing his usual duties. Definitely got it down to a fine art at this stage. If you won, are a sponsor or are just interested in seeing the photos, keep an eye on the awards website over the coming days.

Like Rick, But With No Banter

Getting into the act a bit late but nevertheless… For those of you that still don’t know, RTE has taken the curious decision of a screwing with the format of three slots, Rick’s, Nikki Hayes and Will Leahy. As someone who’s both listened to these shows for a while and actually had the pleasure of being in the studio during a show, I can’t begin to understand how RTE thought this was a good idea. There is already a lotRead More

Blind Mans Blackjack

Having ensured both his callers understood the jist of the game of blackjack, Rick proceeded to deal the cards. Why blind mans blackjack? Well.. Err.. Radio!?! This second in the ‘Rick 2008’ series (I’ll have enough to open a gallery with by the time I’m done) is brought to you today purely because I\’m in people photo processing mode. I’ve been processing a wedding (hereafter to be known as ‘work’) for the evening so it made sense to post aRead More

Like Rick, But a Year Older…

For the past… ohh, years I’ve been promising Rick O’Shea a portrait session. Ever since the first blog awards really when he expressed an interest in a photo I took of him. So vast amounts of time passed and nothing was organised until April 1st (I didn’t think he’d believe that I wanted to do it that day) when I went into the 2fm studios to take a whole load of photos. On scanning through them just now for theRead More