Shakycam is Go!

June 17, 2011 Landscape, Panasonic LX-3, UK, Video

What was intended to be a mostly entertaining way for me to record and review my very limited off-road jaunts while in the UK in April has turned into a public service video on the effects of motion sickness and a case study on why people buy those expensive little helmet cameras. While I wasn’t expecting Steven Spielberg results, I imagined in what I now know was supreme, unwavering naivety that I might get something other than a dodgy lateRead More

Chelsea Hotel

November 2, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

On arriving in the city and settling into the hotel (not this one though), what do you think the first thing we did was? Took a stroll around the streets in the direction of B&H of course…

Hello down there!

Julie, having deposited her 50ยข into the curiously designed binocular coin box, proceeded to spy on the unsuspecting inhabitants of New York City. The crafty devil…


September 22, 2009 Canon 5D, Event, Landscape, Sigma 12-24

The Rockafeller Plaza, where if you’re not careful while using a fantastically wide lens, you’ll end up getting the buildings behind you in the frame. Or becoming quite dizzy. Or both…

Keep Right

September 18, 2009 Canon 5D, Landscape, People, Sigma 12-24

When crossing the Brooklyn bridge, it’s important to keep to the right of the white line. I learned this after seeing several tourists nearly getting taken out by locals cycling by at breakneck speeds. Also, I’ve become unimaginably attached to my sigma 12-24 already ๐Ÿ™‚

France on a Bike

September 7, 2009 Event, Film, Landscape, People

August 2004. Having bought a great big monster of a tourer, I came to the decision to take it around France on a 2,500 mile round trip down the west coast and back up the midlands to Paris. France really is an odd country. I’d never been there before and I think next time I’d be a lot wiser in my travel plans. No more camp sites and no more service station diners thanks. But I did get the opportunityRead More