The Guinness Fire

December 21, 2009 Dublin, Event, Landscape

Earlier today, one of the buildings in the Guinness factory at St. James caught fire while work was being carried out on it’s roof. While at work I got a photo on my phone of the plume of thick black smoke a few hundred yards from where the fire was. This shot was taken later in the evening showing the damage to the building once the fire had been put out.

The Impromptu Fountain

Came home on Friday 13th to this. Someone had been fucking with a fire hydrant, screwed up the tap which came loose and unleashed quite a bit of water. That water made it’s way to the underground car park and to the electricity supply. The electricity sub boards are, funnily enough, right below where the hydrant is. Power was off for a few hours and the car park had a new swimming pool installed. A member of the Dublin fireRead More


August 19, 2009 Canon 24-70, Canon 5D, Event

Reading a little bit too much into that very entertaining bonfire on the grounds of Charleville castle during the meetup a couple of weeks ago.