February 20, 2009 Canon 50, Canon 5D, Dublin, Event, People

Soundcheck at Spy last night. Some very cool music (although still not too sure about the Rolf Harris) and cake. Yes, cake. May just have to go back. Similarly to everyone else that’s getting ready to pack up and hit the road, we’re heading Leeside for a long weekends blog awarding and catching up with folks. See whoever’s going at the awards tomorrow night!

Like Rick, But a Year Older…

For the past… ohh, years I’ve been promising Rick O’Shea a portrait session. Ever since the first blog awards really when he expressed an interest in a photo I took of him. So vast amounts of time passed and nothing was organised until April 1st (I didn’t think he’d believe that I wanted to do it that day) when I went into the 2fm studios to take a whole load of photos. On scanning through them just now for theRead More